Digital Workflow Management

What is a digital workflow?

An online workspace to significantly enhance your efficiency and reduce your costs. Work from anywhere!
Mobile and tablet friendly web-based solution, which provides you online access to make decisions and get real-time information about your Document Approval and Voting activities.
Eliminating all the paper based processes at your company by replacing them with online and user friendly application.
Securing your data by using the blockchain technology and eliminating regulatory concerns by providing digital signature.

Fully Digital Workflow and Approval/Voting system

Problems & Solutions

Huge amount of paperwork
waste of time
The follow-up process takes a long time
lack of efficiency
Large number of printed documents
waste opf paper, unnecessary costs
No real time information on the processes' status
lack of transparency
Upload the documents to an online workspace
System sends reminders if task still not completed
No printing, all documents are online, access any time
#goonline #gogreen
Online monitoring of approval/voting status
FLACT will digitalize your processes, providing secure process and speedy turnaround time

More Problems & Solutions

Risk of late submission of documents to authorities
risk of penalties
Paper-based activity records, slow audit
lost records
Risk of undocumented thus unbilled activities
loss of income
Hard to measure turn-around time
no accountability
Multiple reminders sent in case of due submission dates
History of processes, all activities logged
Online reports to show the completed activities
New revenue streams for service providers: instant/emergency services
Digitalization will help you to achieve efficiency, profitability and sustainability

Key Advantages

Sustainability as Corporate social responsibility

Capable of small and large teams and clients

High ROI, Considerable cost saving

…by eliminating:
- Printing related time and costs
- Courier costs (as high as thousands of RM a month!)

Blockchain based enhanced security

- Comprehensive system logs
- Auditable reports

End-to-end transparency and accountability

…from initiating the resolution approvals, real-time monitoring of the statuses and providing online statistics, history

Cloud based solution – no installation needed

Subscription packages based on your needs